Where the Red Poppies Dance!

This piece of art work has been published in 2006 commemorating Rememberance Day and the end of WWI on November 11 in 1918.

Tired from walking a man takes a rest at the grave of a young soldier by the name of William McBride.



Text from the lyrics of the song „No Man‘s Land“ by Eric Bogle - Text in German by Annette C. Disslin, English lyrics available as handout on request or from the Eric Bogle website.

Original lyrics: Eric Bogle

Hand set from Trajanus, 12 pp, 250 by 310 mm (9,8 by 12,2 inch), total length approx. 300 cm, deckle edge paper, hinged with red paper. 6 wood cuts rubbed off the block by hand. Size of portfolia 40 x 40 cm. 11 signed and numbered copies.


Printed in 2006


Concertina-folding in a portfolio - with a clasp made of two pieces of box wood

below: on show at City Museum Göppingen (2009)

Further reading:

“The Wood Beyond” a novel by Reginald Hill, 1996 HarperCollinsPublishers

Essay on Annette’s Blog

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